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4 MORE super easy Eye Looks

February 28, 2020 No Comments

4 MORE super easy Eye Looks

February 28, 2020 No Comments

Legit still obsessed with Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Palette. You can buy it here at Ulta. I’ve used it on the daily since I’ve gotten it.

Here are four more super easy eye looks that even an eyeshadow novice can create in under 5 minutes with this palette.

Want to see my first 4 easy eye looks?

Click here.

First Easy Eye Look

  1. Define crease with Push-Up.
  2. Make sure to blend.
  3. Define the outer 1/3 of lid with Erotica.
  4. Make sure to blend into the lid and crease.
  5. Use Silk Teddy on the inner 2/3 of lid.
  6. Blend into Erotica.
  7. Using a slanted pencil brush, use Sexpresso as a liner.

Second Easy Eye Look

  1. Use Strip Poker all over the lid.
  2. Follow with Heaven over the lid. This will create a really cool shimmer-trust me!
  3. Use Chocolate Martini as a liner with a slanted eyeliner brush.
  4. And last, but not least, use Push-Up in the crease.

*Since this eye look is pretty darn subtle, I usually use a bright lipstick with this look. One of my faves is Captive by MAC.*

Third Easy Eye Look

  1. Apply Honey Pot all over your lid.
  2. Add Push-Up to your crease; be sure to blend!
  3. Put Erotica on the outer 1/3 of lid…and of course, blend!
  4. Push Sexpresso into the base of your lash line with an angled liner brush.
  5. Using your finger or a highlighting brush, put Heaven into the inner corner of your eye.

And the Fourth Easy Eye Look

  1. Use Strip Poker on the lid.
  2. Push-Up goes in the crease. Blend!
  3. Use Chocolate Martini as a liner.

*I wear this eye look when I want to wear a bolder lipstick such as this one by Lipstick Queen!*

What’s your favorite eye shadow palette? I am always on the lookout for my next purchase!


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