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First Book Review of the new decade

January 26, 2020 No Comments

First Book Review of the new decade

January 26, 2020 No Comments

So over winter break, I was flipping through Hulu, looking for something to binge. I found this show on TBS called “Miracle Workers” and it starred Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi. Of course I had to watch it. And the best part of being a teacher on winter break? No shame is spending a Saturday night binge watching the entire first season. (It was under 10 episodes so don’t judge me…well, it’s okay to judge me.)

When I found out that this show was based on a book, of course I had to run out and buy it. And by run out and buy it, I meant I went and downloaded it on my kindle. I didn’t want to wait for Amazon to deliver it. Oh the world we live in.

Okay. So here at the deets. The book is called “Miracle Workers: A Novel” and it’s written by Simon Rich. You can buy it here.

This novel is short-you could probs finish it in one sitting because it’s so well written and witty. It’s a piece of fiction that asks the question-what if heaven was a corporation? And what if God, the CEO of heaven, got tired of earth and decided to destroy it? God was tired of the people on earth not appreciating him. He was tired of people not believing He existed.

But lately things had gotten out of hand. Recently one of the humans, Richard something, had written an entire book saying he didn’t exist. God didn’t mind at first; it was just some fancy-pants Oxford professor trying to get attention. But then the book had become an international best seller. Now, it seemed like whenever he turned on human television, there the guy was, loudly holding forth on some talk show.

from The Miracle Workers: A Novel page 45

(Now, I am a full blown Christian and proud of it. I don’t believe that this book was mocking religion, in fact, I believe it was asking me, the Christian, some good questions about my faith and gave me some food for thought in a funny, witty way.)

Enter in two angles, Craig and Eliza, who work in the Miracles Department and they are determined to change God’s mind in destroying the world. So what do they do? They create a bet.

Craig and Eliza must work against the clock to have two people on earth fall in love-Laura and Sam- that desperately want love but are so socially awkward it’s painful. If this happens in under thirty days-the two have to kiss-then God will call off Armageddon.

I found this book entirely entertaining AND thought provoking. It make me think about miracles. It make me think about the things that happen to me every day that God does have a hand in. It make me think about my actions and what my place is here on earth.

Simon Rich is a great author and I am going to read the rest of his books for sure.

And even though this was written kind of a tongue-in-cheek view on God and religion, it only strengthened my belief in God and the afterlife because I see miracles every day. I loved Rich’s take on how miracles happen, by angles working for Heaven, Inc, with God as their CEO. I also loved how God was portrayed. He was almighty, yes, but also approachable. And that’s how I envision God to be.

Here’s a link to Simon Rich’s website.

What books are you reading?


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