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Hello 2020!

January 5, 2020 1 Comment

Hello 2020!

January 5, 2020 1 Comment

I saw this while scrolling through facebook on Thursday, trying to find the motivation to change out of my day pajamas and be productive. (This teacher on winter break did pretty much…nada.)

There is no perfect life, no perfect job, no perfect childhood, no perfect marriage, and no perfect set of people who will always do what we expect them to do.

What we have is a perfect God who is able to lead us through this important life with unfailing strength, incomparable wisdom, and infinite love.

Mind. Blown.

It is so stinking easy in 2020 to feel as if you’re not enough.

Scrolling through any form of social media, you see everyone doing life better than you. You start to compare.

Why isn’t my house as nice as theirs?

Man. Why do all the other teachers on facebook seem to have it together while I want to cry daily??

Are my kids as happy as so and so’s kids?

Does my husband love me enough?

I wish I had a group of friends like X that seems to do everything together.

These are easily the top five questions that go through my head every time I scroll through social media. Why was my life not “enough”?

And then after I read the above quote on facebook, I realized that I had wasted so much of my life comparing myself to others and what they portray online.

My house may not be huge, but we’re not homeless. We’re homeowners. We provide a loving and nurturing place for our three girls to grow up.

My job has been oh so tough this year. Like I want to quit teaching tough. Like looking on job sites trying to figure out what else I could do with my life tough. But you know what? God has me in this teaching situation this year to help me be a better teacher and to remind me that He has put those tough students in my life because they need me. And maybe I need them, too.

Scrolling through Pinterest, I see these amazingly coordinated kids rooms and I sigh when I see the laundry strewn room of my kids. But then you know what? I’m so not a Pinterest mom. AND THAT’S OKAY. If you are a Pinterest mom, THAT’S OKAY TOO. My kids know that they are accepted, loved, and supported in our house and that’s the most important thing.

One of my friends from college is now going through a divorce. We’re at the age when people start to split up. For good. And I thank God everyday that my hubby and I aren’t one of these couples. We had every single chip stacked against us. Met. Got pregnant. Got married. Had a kid. All within 18 months and we were both still in college. Did I mention we were poor? I know that many of our friends put bets on how long we would last…but three kids, one mortgage, and 17 years later, I think we’re doing okay.

I may not have the biggest tribe out there, but I do have the loyalest tribe out there. They are the ones that text me to check on me. They are other mothers to my kids. They pray with me. They cry with me. They hug me when I need it. And they are my biggest supporters out there. So why would I need or want a huge group when the group I got is amazing?

So, my New Years resolution? Let go and let God. He has given me the life that I have and for that, I am beyond blessed.

What’s your New Years resolution? Comment below.


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